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About Cheers


Cheers Wine Cellars was founded in 2007. Now, we have founded 3 wine clubs in Hong Kong, Shenzhen & Shanghai. Cheers Wine Cellars is a professional wine restaurant, wine club house and wine pro-shop. 500 labels of wine have been directly imported from 13 different countries, including France, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Chile, Australia, etc. Cheers Wine Cellars has a five-star culinary team as well as professional wine lecturers, which facilitate your enjoyment of our exquisite dining and wines.
Michael Chen, founder and a wine & art lover, was an IT expert in Taiwan, HK & China. Now he is a retired intellectual man from the electronics industry enjoying his new life with good wines & fine arts. For years, from grape growing to wine drinking, Michael has connected with many wine lovers. With the passion for wines, he set up Cheers Wine Cellars and decided to be a devoted wine promoter in China.

Business philosophy
Vision: We facilitate people¡¯s better enjoyment in life.
Mission: A magnificent wine ambassador in China.
Core Values: Teamwork; Professionalism; Service; Quality.

Business Strategies
We bridge wine sources and customer service seamlessly;
We create & share effectiveness through wine promotion.
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